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ceai { for the love of tea }
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a tea community for friends

ceai { for the love of tea }A community for a small gathering of friends who appreciate tea and the little joys it can bring into ones life.

All entries are member locked for a reason. Unless it's a simple recipe or tea info, everything here is expected to stay between us. I know it sounds gay, but think of it as a circle of trust. Some people may want to share personal stories or avid opinions, and we encourage that.
All opinions are welcome, and I expect everyone here to act mature about it when discussing said things. You can debate over things without turning into grade schoolers. Please get your facts straight before announcing something as the gospel truth, though.
If you have any links to websites about tea, opinions or suggestions about local tea rooms/shops, interesting facts or articles, tea books, or simply want to ask a question because you don't know something, feel free to share.
Also feel free to post absolutely nonsensical posts. So long as the word 'tea' is mentioned somewhere in your post, there aren't really any rules. This place is not as SRS BSNS as I've probably made it sound.
USE THE TAGS. This is the one thing I'll be stickler about. I like things organized. If you aren't sure how you should tag your entry, or you want a new tag, just say something, and I will make it happen.