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06 January 2009 @ 01:41 am
Sup guys. If you were wondering, this is basically a comm I made for fellow tea lovers who we know and are familiar with. You're free to invite your friends if you know they love tea, but run it by everyone who's already here first. This isn't just a place to discuss tea, but to make friends, so we want it to be comfortable here, so please be respectful. Anything said that isn't unbiased talk of tea is expected to stay here.

You're free to talk about whatever you want here. Maybe recommend teas you like, or ask for advice, or suggest recipes that involve tea, stories about tea, or link websites - whatever you want, so long as it involves tea or anything like tea. Yes, I guess bubble tea can count, since masala chai does.

I plan on making a post full of tea info, and another poll for everyone soon, and I'll get the rules set up in the profile. Until then, please don't make any new posts, but feel free to spam away in comments here with questions, comments, or suggestions about how we can make this place more enjoyable and interesting~